The girl wondered, when shall I sail?

and in her mind sketched the map of the world

If we don’t have peace
it’s because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery
Berlin, Germany
Taken September 2011
Tyrol, Austria
Taken September 2011
I ♥ vandalism
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Taken September 2011
Cathedral of Orvieto
Umbria, Italy
Taken September 2011
Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier, CA
Taken July 2013
Sunset/Moonrise over Avignon, France.
Taken September 2011

Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath?
- Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen.

Bath, Somerset, England
Taken August 2011.
Paris, France. Taken July 2011.
Storm clouds rolling in over Brisbane, Australia. Taken November 2013
Lanterns at the Grand Bazaar. Istanbul, Turkey. Taken April 2012.